How does Life Directions engage with employers?

Life Directions aims to support the recruitment, training and retention efforts of employers in South-East Grey County. We work closely with local employers to find the right match for your employment needs, and make every effort to ensure job success and employee retention.

By providing meaningful employment for individuals facing barriers to employment, you are fulfilling your labour needs, while making an impact in the lives of many.  


Life Directions supports recruitment efforts by connecting employers with pre-screened, qualified and motivated candidates to meet your employment needs. 

We work with employers to develop a checklist of employer expectations such as training, experience, personal characteristics, and attributes required for job success and employee retention.  


Life Directions works with employers to develop employee training plans that promote job success.

We can provide some in-house training and/or training supports, to ensure that the appropriate training is accessible.



Life Directions maintains ongoing communication with employers throughout the work experience to ensure there is a strong fit with the employee, and to address any concerns or issues.  



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