Disability Awareness and Confidence Learning Webinar

Disability Awareness and Confidence Learning Webinar

Life Directions Employment has partnered with ODEN (Ontario Disability & Employment Network) to provide employers with specialized Disability Awareness and Confidence Learning for Business Owners and Senior Leaders. This will make employers more capable of supporting their employees experiencing disability, making for a happier and more productive workforce. For a quick overview, please see our 1-Minute Information Video.

The available dates for this 2-hour webinar are June 26 2024, July 10 2024, and September 11 2024. After attending one of the sessions, in-person training will be provided in October for a full-day HR and Management session, or a virtual training in November for 2 half-day HR and Management sessions. This is free for Life Directions Employment Partners.

The learning outcomes include:

  • Disability Employment in Ontario
  • Dispelling the myths and misconceptions about disability
  • The importance of Language
  • Benefits of Hiring and Retaining Employees with Disabilities
  • Supporting employees in the workplace

This is a certificate course, which will be earned after the course and evaluation is completed.

If you or your team is interested in attending, please click here or contact Randy Schoch (Business Engagement Specialist) at RandyS@lifedirections.ca or 226-750-2710. If you would like to partner with Life Directions Employment, please contact Randy Schoch as well.

Thank you for your commitment to creating an inclusive workplace. We look forward to having you join us!