Job Platform Focusing on Skillsets - Not Past Positions

Job Platform Focusing on Skillsets - Not Past Positions

The Stratford-Bruce Peninsula Digital Service Delivery Platform (“Digital Service Delivery Platform“) provides job seekers with career navigation and job readiness tools. This platform can help job seekers to build and tailor their resumes to specific jobs, find positions that match their current skills, and informs them about various positions’ requirements to help them better prepare for the job they want. It was built to be intuitive, and our Career Counselors are happy to help job seekers set up their account and learn how to navigate the different features.

Skills Profile

The Digital Service Delivery Platform has a built-in skills profile which a jobseeker creates. This is different from resume builders we’ve seen in the past because this focuses on what job seekers actually know and the skills they have to better suggest matching job paths. This is more useful because a traditional resume cannot be long enough to include everything a jobseeker knows, and therefore cannot give an exact overview of a jobseeker’s interests and capabilities to match them with the job paths they’re qualified for.

Job Matching

After identifying skills and experience, the Digital Service Delivery Platform creates a list of local positions starting with the best position match to the jobseeker's resume. Job seekers are free to select any position to be their employment goal - this ranking system is meant to give job seekers insight into which positions they are currently the most qualified for.

When a position is clicked on, it will show you the skills you currently have for that position, as well as the common recommended skills. It then provides a list of local and digital resources to obtain some of the requirements and skills a jobseeker is missing for the selected position. This can be helpful when conducting research into career fields, as it can give a rough idea as to the education level and skillset needed to obtain employment in a given field. This is also incredibly useful when tailoring resumes to a specific job posting, as this gives job seekers a rough recommended outline as to what employers are looking for – even if it is not written in the job posting.

Job Applications

An exciting feature of the Digital Service Delivery Platform is that it has a built-in job manager to help job seekers keep track of where they have applied. In some fields, it is normal to hear back from an employer six months later, so this can help job seekers easily find the correct posting to refresh themselves on the job requirements, compensation, and the information they applied with. No more manually generated excel sheet trackers for those in the tech and marketing industries!

The platform is continuously updated with new features and functionality, and if you have any feedback or questions, please speak with your Career Counselor. This tool is designed to simplify your job search process, and your input is crucial for its improvement.

Happy job hunting!

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EDIT 04-07-2024:

A Resume Generator has been included! With this, job seekers can enter in their past job experiences by title and the Digital Service Delivery Platform will find the skills associated with this job to help streamline the process of building a resume. Job seekers can delete the skills they feel they don't have, and add ones they do. This will save job seekers time in both the resume building process and the job research process.

Reminder notifications have also been added to help job seekers remember their tool options. The more job seekers use this platform and add information, the better the suggestion and recommended skillset quality will be.

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