MentorAbility Canada

MentorAbility Canada

We're kicking off summer by promoting our partnership with MentorAbility Canada.

MentorAbility is a nation-wide initiative launched by the Canadian Association for Supported Employment which allows short-term mentoring moments to happen between job-seekers living with disabilities and employers across Canada.

Let's go back to our very first time applying for jobs.

When applying for a job, lots of people experience it in the same fashion. We type up a resume and cover letter and hand them out by the truckload to any and every employer to get your foot in the door for any position. It's a daunting task and the wait for a call back from a potential employer can make a person feel on edge.

But if we sit back for a moment and think about this... how many people have actually got into a position they loved right out the gate? Did you start by working in the field of employment that you wanted to eventually spend the rest of your life? Sure, you may not have known exactly what career you wanted, but there were activities you enjoyed doing that could have correlated with a possible field of employment.

If we were granted the ability to meet with employers in different work sectors to ask questions, maybe even take a tour of their facility and watch the employees at work we may have a better understanding of what excites us and where our passions lay.

This is where MentorAbility comes into play. Life Directions Employment Supports is a local hub for MentorAbility Canada. We have created key partnerships in our community with business owners that have the desire to be a mentor to those living with disabilities. Our goal is to provide one-on-one mentoring experiences for our job-seekers to find positions that they both can enjoy and be able to utilize their


If you or someone you know would like to be a part of this life-changing experience, please reach out to Chelsea Bullock at Life Directions Employment Supports. It takes a very little amount of your time to have a positive impact on someone else's experience in the workforce.


Phone: 519-217-8989