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UPCOMING: Info Sessions for the Family Support Network for Employment (FSNE)

UPCOMING: Info Sessions for the Family Support Network for Employment (FSNE)

Life Directions is hosting an Information Session on behalf of the Family Support Network for Employment (FSNE). This is aimed at families with members aged roughly 7-14 living with intellectual disabilities, as we feel that these families will get the most value out of the sessions, though everyone is welcome to join.

FSNE aims to help those previously excluded from employment and life opportunities gain autonomy by working with their families to build the necessary skills early in life. These sessions will focus on the roles and responsibilities of the child’s school, the opportunities available within the school system and how to advocate effectively for the child’s education path, and how to help the child navigate employment services after they graduate. It will include information on Individual Education Plans (IEPs), building motivation and empowering the child at home and in school, and their right to inclusive and accessible employment. 

The dates are not currently determined, but we are aiming for late July. We want this to be as accessible to families as possible, and so the time and place has not yet been determined. 

If you have any questions, accommodation requests, or are interested in attending, please contact Angela Lessard at ldworkshops@segss.com. Families do not need to be registered with any health office or organization to attend – this is open to the community and if you know someone who might be interested, we invite you to send them Angela’s way.

Angela Lessard – ldworkshops@segss.com 

FSNE Website – https://fsne.ca/ 

FSNE Facilitator’s Info Poster


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