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March 2024

In this issue:

  1. SPOTLIGHT: Welcome Ethan!
  2. Pre-employment Corner: JobPath Workshop
  3. Employer Corner
  4. Mentorship Corner
  5. Community Partnership Events
  6. Life Directions Locations: Come Visit Us!
  7. Disability Observance Month: Endometriosis Action Month


We're excited to introduce Ethan, our new co-op student with a passion for art and design. Ethan brings a fresh new perspective and creative flair to our team. Welcome aboard, Ethan! Your enthusiasm for art is already making a vibrant impact!

Pre-Employment Corner

JobPath Workshops

Employer Corner

​​SkillingUp is a comprehensive, free digital skills training program. ​Everyone should have access to the knowledge, technology and opportunities to thrive in today’s digital-first world. SkillingUp gives people with disabilities the skills and self-confidence to be successful in careers that require digital skills.


Life Directions Employment Supports is in a budding partnership with the OCTC (Ontario Corporate Training Centre) to bring sponsored training, consulting, and resources to empower employers/businesses to become better leaders, transform their workplace culture, navigate conflicts, and enhance their communication skills.

OCTC is looking for businesses in Grey County to fill out a quick 10-minute survey. Employers/businesses will be asked questions about experiences with recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and retaining workers living with a disability and the need for disability-specific support for businesses. If you would like an alternative format to complete the survey or have any questions, please contact Lila Jorgenson at 1-866-280-6336 ext. 117 or

The survey will close on March 31st , 2024.


Join us for a transformative journey led by Randy Schoch, our esteemed Business Engagement Specialist, at the forefront of delivering pivotal training sessions. With a profound commitment to fostering inclusive and thriving workplace environments, Randy leverages his expertise to empower teams and organizations. Dive deeper into the impactful work of Randy and the Life Directions team, and discover how they can guide your organization towards excellence. For a personalized engagement or to learn more, reach out to Randy at and explore further at Life Directions.

MentorAbility is a leading national initiative aimed at promoting employment among Canadians with disabilities through mentorship opportunities. It offers both job seekers with disabilities and business leaders a chance to connect for a full or half-day mentoring experience, exploring career possibilities and forging valuable networks. This program is supported by Provincial Hubs and local coordinators who pair Protégés with Mentors, fostering community leadership and unveiling potential future employment paths. For a personalized engagement or to learn more, reach out to Randy Schoch at and visit Life Directions for further details.


The Digital Main Street – Digital Transformation Grant Program, a collaborative effort by the Province of Ontario and the Ontario BIA Association, aims to bolster small main street businesses in Ontario through enhanced digital adoption. This initiative guides businesses to evaluate their current digital practices, develop a comprehensive Digital Transformation Plan, and apply for a $2,500 grant to support the adoption of necessary technologies, ultimately facilitating their online presence, sales, and back-office operations.

Mentorship Corner

In our Mentorship Corner, we're proud to feature "Catalyst," a thought-provoking poem by Randy Bross. Randy's work encapsulates the essence of change and the spark of inspiration that is often sought in the mentorship journey. His poem invites readers to consider the pivotal moments that drive us from stagnation to action, and from dreams to reality. This piece beautifully aligns with the spirit of MentorAbility, as it reflects the transformative impact a mentor can have in igniting a protégé's potential. Randy's voice adds a unique perspective to our understanding of the mentor-protégé relationship.

Community Partnerships Events

South East Grey Community Health Centre: Income Tax Preparation

Change Management - Digital Transformation

Join us on March 19th for a pivotal webinar on "Change Management - Digital Transformation" hosted by ODEN with Cristin O'Sullivan from Life Directions. Cristin will delve into the transformative digital journey of Life Directions, highlighting the pivotal role of Change Management in successfully integrating advanced computer technologies. This session is essential for not-for-profit organizations navigating the challenges of digital transformation, providing valuable insights into enhancing organizational capabilities through technology. Experience the power of change and learn from a successful case study. Accessibility options such as closed captioning and ASL interpretation are available.

Stay tuned for these not-to-be-missed events in April, featured in our upcoming issue:

  • April 12th: Discover the treasures of knowledge with a Library tour at Grey Highlands Public Library, Markdale location.
  • April 25th: Set sail for networking at the Annual Chi-Cheemaun Networking Event. Details at
  • April 27th & 28th: Spruce up your space after inspiration strikes at the Home and Garden Show. Learn more at

Mark your calendars and join us for these exciting events!

Come Visit Us!

Disability Observance Month

This Disability Awareness Month, we're bringing attention to endometriosis, a condition impacting an estimated 1 in 10 women, which can lead to significant pain and fertility issues. Organizations worldwide are engaging in Endometriosis Action Month to not only raise awareness but also to spur action that can lead to positive changes for those affected. Activities range from educational symposiums, public campaigns for improved diagnosis and care, to virtual events that aim to reduce diagnostic delays and advocate for better treatment. For instance, Endometriosis UK has dedicated March to this cause, emphasizing the need for tangible actions that improve wellbeing and healthcare outcomes for individuals with endometriosis.

For more detailed information and resources, please explore Endometriosis dedicated page on Endometriosis Action Month and the collective efforts of organizations around the globe highlighted on


Monica Singh Soares

Event & Marketing Facilitator

Cristin O’Sullivan


Angela Lessard

Workshop Facilitator

Randy Schoch

Business Engagement Specialist

Shannon Halbert

Digital Operations Specialist

Ron Farino

Workshop Co-Facilitator

Logos of our funders left to right, top to bottom: The Government of Canada, Employment Ontario, The Government of Ontario, The Government of Canada's Opportunity Fund for People With Disabilities Program, South East Grey Support Services, and Employment Services Bruce Grey Huron Perth.