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Zoom 101

Booking a meeting with a team member

Submitting an expense for reimbursement

Zoom 101

How to Book a Meeting With a Team Member

01 Click on the Link

02 Select a Staff Member

03 Choose a Date

04 Verify

05 Enter Your Information

06 Check Your Email

Your meeting is booked!  You will get a verification email and you will get another email on the day of your meeting to remind you to attend.

How to Submit an Expense

Hi. This video is just going to show you how to submit expenses for reimbursement.  First, we want to log into the portal and if you don’t remember, you can just go to or you can get there from the link on the main site.  Now once you’ve logged in, you want to go to the bottom left under “Have expenses to claim?” and just click the button.

And this is our expense form. You can see your name and email are already populated, so you can leave them if you’d like. And then you just want to change the payment method if it’s something other than direct deposit. So, there’s two parts here. We have travel expenses and then we have other expenses. So, the travel expenses are if we have any mileage to claim. So, for each trip we want to click Add Trip. And then we’re going to enter the date from the drop-down menu. Next, we’ll enter our destination, our round-trip kilometers. Once we’re finished, we’re just going to click the Add Trip button to add the trip. And there you can see our first trip. And then we’re going to add another one. Now if you’ve made a mistake and you realize you don’t actually want to add this trip, we can just go down and cancel it and we have to click the Cancel button twice. Then you can see it didn’t add the second trip.

So next we’re going to add some expenses. For each expense we want to click the Add Item button. And similarly to our trips, we’re going to enter the date, then the total cost, including taxes. Then if there’s any HST or GST, we’re going to enter those. Otherwise, we’ll leave it at zero. And then we need a description of the expense. When you’re done, just click add item. And we want to add another item. We’ll click Add Item again and now we have two. So if we scroll down, we can see here is where we add the receipts. Now we only allow PDF receipts. There’s instructions on how to create PDFs from pictures using Android or Apple devices. Once you’ve done that, you can either drag the files into that square or we can click the Select Files button and select the files from our computer or phone. Once you’re done, you can click the green Submit button. But if you know you’re going to have more expenses before the period is over, you can actually click the Save and Continue button and it will save your form so that you can come back later and add more entries to it. Right now though, we’re all finished. So we’re going to click Submit and we’re all done. Then Cristin will send you an email if there’s any issues or she needs more information from you.